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Laughter Yoga - Improv Theater - Mental Prep.

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Meditation - Sophrology

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The Alfred’s workshops are an original parenthesis that you can choose to integrate into your program : 45 minutes of meditation, Yoga, Sophrology…

They will help you develop your personal and professional potential, develop team spirit in your company, get together for a fun time, deploy the talents of your employees, team synergies, learn to manage your stress, develop your creativity, define your posture, escape…

Our partners are recognized experts in their field and are in line with the values of La Maison, we had the chance to test each of the workshops we offer!

Our fun workshops

Dare to reclaim your joy of living

The individual at the service of the collective

Optimize your mindset and make your brain your best ally

Our revitalizing workshops

Meditation in business

Group sophrology

Our creative workshops

Pottery – the encounter with the earth

Ur seminar from 55€/person

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