Our centre of Transformation

At the source of commitment, the living?
The keys to a sustainable Transformation !

A New Chapter

In the continuity of its mission to put people at heart, La Maison D’Alfred wishes to write a new chapter in its history by humbly assuming its desire to do its part in the transformation of women and men in their organizations.

A Source of Balance

At La Maison, time takes on a particular density. Its history, its location in the heart of Roubaix, its spaces, its energy, its vibrations and its extra soul offers permissions. Those making eye contact, traveling without moving, taking a break without isolating yourself, dropping off your luggage, projecting yourself into a desirable future. La Maison is a source of balance at the service of humanity and meaning.

More Than a Training Center

He has built a transformation offer that looks like him with discernment. This is a new, and first step. The intention is to locally offer a pole of inspiration to develop the inner consistency of women and men in their organization.

Let’s Go Away Together !

La Maisons team is looking forward to going a long way together! Thank you in advance for your kind feedback and for participating in this adventure!

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