in full consciousness

00h30' - 1h00


“At the heart of a busy day, in which follow one another appointments, emails, calls, a
meditation session can have the effect of the shade offered by a tree, under a sun of
lead” – Sebastien Henry

Step aside, breathe, gain height in relation to the issues and challenges of
our lives

  • Be surprised
  • Put aside your « parasitic » thoughts and uncomfortable emotions
  • Taste the calm of the mind and the relaxation of the body


1 hour workshop alternating gentle movements with the breath, seated meditation and to conclude,
a « surprise » meditation.


For all


Elisabeth Allier, trainer in Mindfulness or mindfulness meditation (practice
training in attentional and emotional stability).

Alfred’s eye

Recharging your batteries in full consciousness during a seminar at “La Maison d’Alfred” is possible. The members of the Teamôtop tried the experiment in preview. For this, we invite you to trust Elisabeth who will make you discover a secular mediation of mindfulness that will allow you to distinguish the urgent from the important.

It is indeed a rich experience that will lead you, if you allow yourself, your collaborators and yourself, to be tempted by this insperience®, to refocus on yourself, to listen to your body, and to understand your emotions.

Elisabeth introduced us to three types of meditation:

  • A standing and moving meditation.
  • A seated mediation
  • A meditation surprise

We won’t tell you more and invite you to discover for yourself this healing in full consciousness

– Quentin

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