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Cocoa ceremony
to the rhythm of the drum



  • Focus on your feelings
  • Let go to activate your energies
  • Explore your emotions to tame them and make them a strength
  • Take time to unwind


Take off your shoes and let yourself be carried away by Mélanie’s voice to enter a sacred space…

the journey begins with a dynamic exteriorization of the overflow. The encounter with cocoa multiplies the experience of the different rituals that you will experience. Inhale, and let your sensations envelop you to the rhythm of your heartbeat.


Any living being in too much of a hurry.


Creator of rejuvenating experiences

Alfred’s eye

Welcomed by Mélanie with an incense « purification », we entered a room with dim lights. Curious about this experience, I settled in the arc of a circle around the speaker and I took the time to listen and feel my body. Five beats punctuated the workshop. During the first, we released our energy by letting our bodies express themselves through dance. We then focused on our breathing. This moment of meditation allowed me to refocus on my primary objectives and to eliminate muscle tension.

We each had the opportunity to discover a chocolate and spicy drink with properties similar to those of coffee. It was a great taste discovery. 

We shared a strong moment during the vibration of our vocal cords, accompanied by Melanie’s drum, we formed a choir. This collective moment was intense in emotions, which energized me for the rest of the day.

– Céline

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