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Do you have a seminar/meeting place to find?

Let us konw with some information (number of participants and type of meeting). We take care of finding you the most appropriate space and above all the ideal configuration to brig out your projects.

🏠 It’s not unlikely that we will offer you a tour of the “La Maison D’Alfred” over coffee or tea !

Facilitation and
entertainment of the day

Let’s share together your challenges and objectives of the seminar in order to build your day. We offer you to intervene directly in the design, animation and construction of sequences related to your challenges.

🏠 Our network of facilitator-experts brings its know-how to build a unique experience together.

séminaire formation maison d'Alfred Roubaix
activité yoga LMA Roubaix

Enjoy a break

Enjoy a break during your day and opt for a resourceful, creative or playful workshop.

It’s interesting to link the subject of your meeting and this activity. For example, if you want to develop team cohesion, laughter yoga promotes (encourages) everyone’s enthusiasm and relieves stress.

🏠 La Maison’s team has tested all the workshops and validates them!


It’s time to treat yourself! Beyond the space and content of your day, an important part is given to catering.

We have several formulas (combinations) to suggest to you as well as different partners.

From the welcome coffee to snacks, we will pamper you.

🏠 And if you celebrate your end of the day? Offer a drink to your employees to thank them.

salle séminaire maison d'alfred

Let’s finalize your visite

At La Maison we are flexible and have an eye for detail. On D-3, we will contact you to adjust the final details, such as the exact number of participants.

🏠 It is not impossible that we send (we might end up sending) you a small photo of your space ready to welcome you!

Discover the spaces of D’Alfred
Discover the spaces of D’Alfred
Discover the spaces of D’Alfred
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