Multiply the perspectives to gain in creativity and serenity

Our limit is the world we have created for ourselves. A workshop to open doors through art, science, care, to change perspective and engage ourselves in a broader and more serene way.

Artist, therapist, coach


  • face-to-face
  • Number of days: 1
  • Total hours: 8 hours


  • Rate per participant in INTER: On request
  • INTRA price: On estimate

Profile and Requirements

Curious Minds


On demand


  • Become aware of our own conscience to gain creativity
  • Creating, reinventing applies to all areas, and it is not just the business of exceptional women and men.
  • Appropriate an effective method to remove emotional barriers: the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


  • Morning: changing perspective.
    • Spaces for exchanges between participants on how to look at their contexts
    • Moments of multidisciplinary inspiration (art, science, …)
    • A time of testimony on artistic creation processes
  • Afternoon: removing emotional barriers with the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
    • Understand the origin and foundations of EFT
    • Identify the fields of application of EFT
    • Experiment collective manner
    • Appropriate for yourthe essential elements of the method

EFT is a technique that can restore and improve people’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. EFT is used in particular to respond to issues of stress, anxiety, emotional invasion, self-confidence… Scientifically validated, its particularity is its ease of appropriation and its effectiveness.

We leave with

The appropriation of a method of managing emotions and stress scientifically validated and applicable to themselves.

What the exchanges will have created at home. Everyone appropriates the workshop in their own way.

We tell you more

Why organize a day that reconciles the field of creative processes with a method of managing emotions?

Several answers are possible:
Hybridization is and will be an increasingly frequent way of approaching subjects. So why not?
Because the inability to bring out the new is a frequent argument. I won’t make it, I’m not so, I’m not that… It’s also about trust, gaze, authorization, letting go and many other things. These limiting beliefs can also be addressed with the help of EFT. Because it is the story of Ludovic, who by professionally bridging these two worlds has also lived and experienced the interest of mixing poetry and care to question the field of possibilities in our daily life… And come, to find other answers.

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