To find my freedom, to connect to the « I want » of my soul, to respect the other in his freedom.

Coach certified ICF, PCC, Management Drives, Estimame International


  • face-to-face
  • Number of days: 1/2 days
  • Total hours: 3


  • Price per participant in INTER :
    • On demand
  • INTRA price :
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Profile and Requirements

Workshop open to all, professionals and individuals


On demand


  • The art of communicating
  • Manage my emotions: or how to use my strengths to build my life
  • Identity: who am I? Get to know me better to love me better
  • Assert myself: or stop blaming others for my difficulties


  • Improve your communication: « be in touch »
  • Manage your emotions
  • Discovering one’s identity: I have behaviors but I am not my behaviors, I have emotions but I am not my emotions.
  • Assert oneself
  • Be a facilitator of self-esteem in others

We leave with

You will come away with a good toolbox to grow in self-confidence and self-love

We tell you more

  • Improve your communication: « be in touch ».
    • Become aware of your part in the relationship.
    • Improve your relationship with yourself by changing your way of talking to yourself, seeing yourself, remembering experiences to improve your relationship with others by working on the two stages of dialogue, which are: reception through active listening and transmission by the expression of an “I” message..
  • Manage your emotions
    • Defining emotions, feelings and needs and recognizing the information they convey.
    • Develop the two ways of acting on emotions.
    • Become aware of the impact on oneself of what one experiences.
    • Develop your ability to have adjusted and constructive actions and reactions.
    • Evaluate the impact of managing emotions on relationships and performance.
    • Flush out his doctored emotions
  • Discovering one’s identity: I have behaviors but I am not my behaviors, I have emotions but I am not my emotions.
    • Get to know your identity better.
    • From Jung’s personality diagram: the persona, the self, the shadow, the Self, become aware of the existence of your shadow and tame it to complete yourself.
    • Discover hidden resources, push back your limits and better welcome the identity of the other.
    • Look at yourself and learn to love yourself, discover your uniqueness.
    • Rely on your qualities and successes to gain self-confidence.
  • Assert oneself
    • Know how to express a concrete, realistic, positive and negotiable request.
    • Learn to say « no » politely.
    • Develop cooperation with others.
    • Learn to find possible options in a decision-making situation
    • Protect yourself from negative comments.
    • Learn to give satisfaction and improvement feedback.
    • Become aware of your progress.
  • Be a facilitator of self-esteem in others
    • Create a climate of trust in your professional relationships.
    • Helping others to share their feelings through an attitude of empathy.
    • By speaking assertively, develop better cooperation with others.

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