The foundations of conscious leadership

Master advanced leadership development practices.

Philippe Joannis

  • Consultant / Coach / Mentor / Former CEO
  • Leadership Circle Faculty Member
  • French-speaking Conscious Leadership Specialist
  • Director of the « leadership » collection at Éditions en Avance.


  • Number of days: 2


  • Individual: €690 including tax
  • Consultation between individual: 890€ duty free
  • Company: 1190€ duty free

Profile and Requirements

  • Be in a leadership position in a team, organization or project
  • Be open to personal and collective introspective work
  • Answer the diagnostic questionnaire to establish your leadership profile


To be determined


  • Open new perspectives on the art of leadership
  • Become aware of the discrepancy (differency) when intention and impact.
  • Positioning myself on the leadership circle and identifying the reactive tendencies that weigh on the effectiveness of my leadership.
  • Knowing how to distinguish the different levels of mental models and knowing how to transform them.


  • Introduction on leadership
    • Leadership, influence, power, impact
    • The integral approach to leadership
    • The 4 key quadrants of leadership
    • Under the line or over the line ?
  • The 7 stages of leadership development
    • Introduction to the psychology of adult development
    • Discover the leadership development approach
    • Expert, Efficient, Catalyst, Co-creator, Synergist
  • Discover the mental models
    • Distinction facts interpretations
    • Situational, individual, collective and identity mental models
    • Become aware of your own mental models
    • Transform mental models
  • The key practices
    • 5 refocusing practices
    • 6 introspective practices
    • Relational practices
    • Construction of an individualized development plan

We leave with

  • A different relationship with reality
  • 5 key distinctions to help me daily in my relationships with others and increase my impact
  • 7 immediately usable practices to develop my leadership skills, my presence, my faculties of attention and intention
  • A support and co-learning group meeting once a month via zoom

We tell you more

  • A very interactive workshop source of many awarenesses
  • A leadership practice adapted to the challenges of a complex and volatile world
  • The post-seminar working group that allows you to continue and extend the learning over time.

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