How to effectively and harmoniously convey a message to an identified target while being yourself?

Benoît Vasse

Corporate journalist – Mental trainer – Professional coach Mentor of coaches – Trainer in media training


  • Face-to-face / remote
  • Number of days: 1 day
  • Total hours: 8 hours


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Profile and Requirements

Any person in a transmitter situation facing
to a multitude of receivers :

  • An intervention during a convention
  • A face to face with a journalist
  • A job interview
  • A pitch to clinch for a lift
    of funds
  • A mobilizing speech during a kick of


To be confirmed


  • How to set a SMART goal
  • Identify your major talent in the service of the objective
  • Integrate physical and mental preparation
  • Mastering a structure of speech
  • Have fun communicating


  • Talking in front of others is too stressful
    • Fear or stress
    • What is stress?
    • Approach and Definition
    • Mechanisms & Consequences
    • Am I stressed?
  • How to avoid and fight stress?
    • The 7 good reflexes to adopt
    • Introduction to breathing and relaxation
    • Practice
  • How to use our potential?
    • The 4 quotients: presentation
    • Individual and collective scoring
    • Debrief & Findings: the 3 Ps
  • Objective: the objective !
    • SMART
    • Target
  • The substance and the form
    • Building a Plan: Pitch Structure
    • Building a strategy: body postures and emotional traces
  • Practical exercise
    • Individual pitch
    • Feedback: a few benchmarks

We leave with

Training to have a new look at one’s beliefs, to reaffirm one’s strengths, to use methods that provide serenity, to prepare physically and mentally to take pleasure in speaking.

We tell you more

This workshop invites you to a quick check up of the 4 quotients that drive you and shape your potential.
  • What is your strong point? What assets do you have that make you irresistible?
  • How do you use your talent to express yourself in public?
  • What are the steps to generate interest and grab the attention of your audience?
  • What resources will you use to leave a strong and memorable emotional mark?

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