From SWOT to SOAR: a credible alternative for innovation and commitment

A tool for strategic thinking that builds on strengths to develop innovation and strengthen team commitment through a shared understanding of the issues and cooperation.


Bruno Carly

Coach, facilitator, mediator and accredited trainer in appreciative inquiry


  • Face-to-face / remote
  • Number of days: 1 half day
  • Total hours: 7 hours


  • Price per participant in INTER :
    • Consult with us
  • INTRA price :
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Profile and Requirements

Anyone wishing to find and experiment with a credible alternative to SWOT in order to mobilize their team on a long-term meaningful project.


  • 14 october 2022 (9h00 – 12h00)
  • 15 november 2022 (14h00 – 17h00)
  • 16 december 2022 (9h00 – 12h00)
  • 19 january 2023 (14h00 – 17h00)
  • 28 febuary 2023 (9h00 – 12h00)
  • 30 march 2023 (14h00 – 17h00)


Experiment with the SOAR matrix versus the SWOT to:

  • Deeply renew the strategic thinking processes,
  • Define sustainable objectives and deployment plans
  • Go from diagnosis – prescription to cooperation – commitment to act.


Introduction to appreciative inquiry

    • Understand the origin and history of appreciative inquiry
    • Discover the guiding principles of the appreciative approach
    • Experiment with generative questioning (constructionism)
  • The Basics of an Appreciative Organization / Business
    • The ingredients of an appreciative organization (strengths)
    • The Pillars of Appreciative Business
    • The stages of an appreciative approach and the use of SOAR
  • Overview of the 5Ds: definition, discovery, becoming, design,
    • The 4 axes of the matrix: Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results
    • The articulation between the 5D appreciative cycle and SOAR
    • The different use cases and fields of application (business case)
  • Prepare to act…
    • Experiment with the SOAR matrix for one of your projects

We leave with

You will come out of it with a simple and immediately operational method of reflection, planning and management of your strategic projects which favors the active and lasting participation of the greatest number in the writing and implementation of your vision – ambition – aspirations.

We tell you more

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach and a method of collective and individual support, which was born at the end of the 1980s in the United States and which has been developed in France since the 2000s thanks to the first experiments carried out by IFAI (French Institute for Appreciative Inquiry).

Based on a broad background of experimentation nourished by scientific research, produced by neurosciences and positive psychology, it renews the traditional approach to management on the basis of the principle that leading teams and steering activities can also starting from what already exists, from what works, from the successes, strengths and positive energies of the company.

Conducting an appreciative exploration to discover the ingredients of an organization’s success, define a motivating future, make engaging decisions and act to obtain the desired results and not to eliminate a problem, these are the principles that underlie Appreciative Inquiry . These structured and rewarding exchanges create a positive dynamic, which itself generates realistic optimism and lasting commitment to concrete action plans.

Appreciative Inquiry is deployed in fields or sectors of activity as varied as health, organizations, companies, associations, public service, communities, education, family, social, ecological transition , etc.

Its concrete applications are numerous: management, innovation, cohesion, cooperation, project management, recruitment, governance, coaching, mediation, etc.
Appreciative Management is thus built on the basis of scientific work that has demonstrated the ability of people, teams and organizations to grow, develop and perform, when they rely on what works well, their strengths, their talents and achievements.

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