Rather than describing my life course, my experiences and my diplomas… I would rather dedicate these few lines to the common thread of my support at ETRE & AGIR…: « BRINGING TO LIFE WHAT IS IN US » « BRINGING TO LIFE WHAT IS IN US », that means, for me: I can « fight » with my demons, try to get rid of my limiting beliefs, or continue to hide behind this “persona” disguise that is starting to tear me apart… I only add tension to my own existence and will remain in a process of rejection and always in search of chasing parts of me… I can also agree, to put at the service of my life, the whole of which I am. I can agree to BRING TO LIFE all those parts of me that are just waiting to express themselves and deliver my quintessence: to fully and simply occupy my place in every daily gesture.

Human nature is well made… Like an effect of communicating vessels, when I let the best of me live, my cumbersome mechanisms dissipate. It is then that, if the need arises, I will be in the best position to deepen and transform them. Through different approaches, my approach is to accompany you to « reconnect » with this intimate and singular part that is YOU, and thus tame or even leave all tensions and tightness I accompany individuals for personal and professional reasons.

I intervene in organizations, medical structures and companies, and deliver programs adapted individually and in groups to all staff. Many programs are dedicated to improving QVL.


After years spent in business, herself an entrepreneur with several creations to her credit, Anne Lapicoré is a specialist in strategy, brand DNA and corporate vision approaches and founded the firm Stratagènes.

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